Bilingual Certification & BTLPT Prep Course Sequence

The Online Bilingual Certification and BTLPT Prep Course sequence, offered by the Bilingual Education Program at Texas A&M University, helps you develop knowledge and skills for teaching English language learners (ELLs) and practice your Spanish language. Educators who participate in this continuing education course sequence will increase their knowledge base for teaching ELLs and learn to design effective instruction for ELLs as well as polish important Spanish language skills.

The first part of the online course sequence provides comprehensive coverage of the teacher competencies tested on the TExES Bilingual Supplemental Examination (#164). This lasts 9 weeks. Lesson topics include:

  • language acquisition theories
  • approaches and methods of second language teaching
  • instructional activities that promote English language development
  • assessment of ELLs

The second part of the online course sequence prepares you for the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test-Spanish (TExES #190), particularly the written expression component. This lasts 6 weeks. Requiring an intermediate level of Spanish language proficiency, the course is designed to support teachers through daily instructor-participant interaction; it addresses the three types of questions included in the BTLPT-Spanish: multiple choice questions for listening and reading comprehension, spoken prompts for oral proficiency and written prompts for written expression. The course provides practice on the three types of written responses contained in the BTLPT: 1) response to letter, memo, or email; 2) lesson plan; and 3) opinion/position essay. The course was designed by using the competencies that are tested on the BTLPT-Spanish exam (TExES #190). 


  • Instruction delivered online - no travel to Texas A&M University required
  • Cohort-based
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Course gives participants time to internalize concepts of bilingual teaching
  • Participants earn 150 hours of professional development upon completion of course sequence
  • Exams fee(s) reimbursed upon successful completion of the program and exam passage