Project ETELL

Project Empowering Teachers of English Language Learners (ETELL) is a five-year, federal training and research project for bilingual and ESL teachers. The project will provide in-service teachers seeking their Texas Bilingual or ESL certification with free online preparation and professional development courses. In the past, teachers who complete our prep courses have done well on the certification exam(s). Additionally, the project will reimburse teachers’ exam fee(s) upon successful passage of the exam(s) and provide free instructional materials for the courses.

The project includes a research component that examines the impact of live virtual teacher coaching and mentoring on teachers’ instruction and student achievement. Participating teachers in the experimental condition will receive virtual classroom mentoring and coaching by experienced project personnel via webcam and a bug-in-ear device. Participating teachers will be provided an observation laptop/tablet to set up in their classroom. Project personnel will remotely coach experimental teachers three times over the semester. Teachers’ instruction will be recorded twice during the semester in order to investigate the impact of the coaching and mentoring. A small group of participating teachers in the control condition will not be mentored, but will be recorded. 

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Sponsored by the Office for English Language Acquisition, U.S. Department of Education