BTLPT Writing Prep Course

This Spanish writing prep course will help prepare you for the written expression component of the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test-Spanish (TExES #190).

Before the course begins, participants will be requested to complete a free online diagnostic to determine readiness for the course. The diagnostic gives the instructor/language coach baseline information for each participant. The instructor/language coach provides individual feedback based on the participant’s work.

The Online BTLPT-Spanish Writing Prep Course requires a high level of Spanish proficiency and daily responses from the participant. Even though you will work at the time of day that is most convenient for you, your work needs to be submitted each day in order for you to receive feedback. Feedback from your classmates and your language coach offer you the most benefits toward improvement and preparation.

The course is designed to train teachers how to address the three types of written responses contained in the BTLPT: 1) response to letter, memo, or email; 2) lesson plan; and 3) opinion/position essay. Examples and practice prompts are given for the participants to use in the class.

Additionally it provides a review of the writing process, and Spanish spelling and grammar. The four weeks of Spanish writing instruction cover the following course topics: key points in writing; writing rubrics; writing tips; capitalization and punctuation; the writing process; planning and drafting; editing and revising; publishing; grammar; letter, memo and email structure; lesson plan structure; and essay structure.

After instruction is concluded, the participants are allowed an additional two weeks with modified instructor interaction, concluding with a final completion date. Completers receive certificates awarding 50 professional development hours that they can submit to their districts.